The Pančava Waterfall


Distance from Hotel TOP Benecko: 16 km

The highest waterfall in the Czech Republic with a height of 148 m plunges down several rocky steps from the edge of the Pančava Meadow down to the bottom of the Elbe Hollow. It is located in the Giant Mountains National Park, approximately 1 km to the south of the Elbe Hut (Labská bouda). The Pančava Waterfall is one of the most impressive Giant Mountains waterfalls. It is a typical cascade waterfall with four main levels at heights of 36 m, 39 m, 23 m and 20 m. The width of the waterfall changes according to the amount of water passing through it, but is usually within the range of 4 to 8 m.

You will find it on the Pančava Stream, 1 km to the south of the Elbe Hut. The so-called Ambrose Lookout (Ambrožova vyhlídka), which offers nice views of the Elbe valley, Kozí hřbety, Kotel and Lysá hora, is located at the waterfall. This is a typical waterfall created on the side wall of a glacial valley.

The waterfall's name comes from the German word "pantschen - to splash". It is located on the Pančava Stream in the upper section of the Elbe valley. The Pančava is the first tributary of significance which flows into the Elbe from the right-hand side. There is a memorial plaque to Otokar Štetka, the chief of the Giant Mountains Rescue Service (1916-1975), on the path above the waterfall. The Pančava Waterfall is accessible all year round along the red-marked trail between the Elbe Hut and the Hanč and Vrbata Monument.