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Summer in Benecko is just as irresistible as the winter. The natural environment of the Krkonoše National Park encourages tourists to go for walks and hikes around the area. Those who don’t like walking need not despair. There are plenty of bike trails for cycling trips, so tourists can experience many more breath-taking views of the landscape from their saddle. The surroundings of the ProFamily Hotel TOP also offer activities like geocaching, in-line skating or the legendary Lufťák Trail.


Distance from the hotel: 0 km

Benecko is a cyclist’s paradise. It is the ideal starting point. You can merge onto trails leading through the Krkonoše National Park or you can take advantage of one of the bike buses and select a trail that is most suitable to your level of difficulty. Children are not the only ones that appreciate the several marked circuits directly in Benecko. During the summer holidays, you can take your bike a bit higher using the Kejnos lift, saving you time and energy.


In-line skating trail

Distance from the hotel: 3.2 km

The in-line skating trail in Benecko is suitable for all ages, from beginners to experienced in-liners. The trail leads from the centre of Benecko to the pleasant Rovinka snack bar 2.6 km away. If in-line skating isn’t your thing, you can ride along on your longboard or scooter.


The Lufťák Trail

Distance from the hotel: 2.4 km

A trail that will entertain young and old, and at the end of which you will also be rewarded. The Lufťák Trail offers a beautiful and fun walk across the Krkonoše landscape with several stations and puzzles along the way. The theme of this trip is the search for Vejral the Dwarf. If you manage all the tasks, you can pick up a certificant and sticker of the Lufťák at our hotel.


Family Arena


Distance from the hotel: 3.2 km

You’ve only experienced snowtubing? Come to Benecko and enjoy the summer version of this popular winter attraction. Ride on special tubes through a chute with several turns along the way. The attraction is open to children over the age of 4 and to adults up to 80 kg.


Distance from the hotel: 3.2 km

Mountain cars, or mountain tricycles, are carts that are specially adapted for riding on a grassy downward slope. The ride is safe since the carts have two brakes and allow driving in pairs. They are designed for both children and adults. Children over the age of 12 can ride by themselves; smaller children must be accompanied by their mum or dad. The maximum load, however, is 100 kg. You can enjoy the ride down a 200-metre-long hill, and a lift will take you back up.


Horse riding

Distance from the hotel: 14.8 km

The Hucul Mountain Farm gives you the chance of enjoying the beauty of the Krkonoše Mountains on horseback – even if you’re a beginner or don’t have any experience with riding a horse. The horses and guide will take you on a walk through the immediate surroundings with several views of the hilly area. Depending on the season, the farm can have a herd of up to 90 horses. Believe it or not, the sight of this mountain breed will captivate you.


Children’s indoor rope park

Distance from the hotel: 3.2 km

A children’s indoor rope park is available to your children in both the winter and the summer. It offers plenty of obstacles, monkey bars, bridges, including a slide, all in two-storeys.


Benecko Bowling Bar

Distance from the hotel: 2.3 km

Even if the weather doesn’t turn out, you can take your family and test your strength and aim. The Benecko Bowling Bar, the interior of which has recently been renovated, is a pleasant spot to spend some time and enjoy some good food.

Facebook: @BowlingbarBenecko

Singltrek Benecko

Distance from the hotel: 3.5 km

Do you know what a single-trek trail is? It’s a web of forest trails that have been planned especially for cyclists while taking into consideration the surrounding natural environment. These one-way trails are colour-coded according to levels of difficulty. So, beginners, youth as well as experienced riders will definitely find their cup of tea. Trails are safe and even kids will have a lot of fun.


The Krkonoše Tree Top Walk

Distance from the hotel: 25.4 km

The Tree Top Walk is located in the very heart of the Krkonoše Mountains, near Jánské Lázně. After climbing the 45-metre-tall tower, a beautiful view of the majestic forests of the Krkonoše National Park will open up to you. Thanks to the many information panels and educational centre in the wooden underground of the tower, you’ll find out about the local forests and the types of flora and fauna you may encounter.