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The Giant Mountains Museum in Vrchlabí

The group of gabled houses is among the oldest folk structures in the Giant Mountains and a rare remnant of the original town buildings. During the renovation of house no. 222, a pinewood plaque bearing the date 1623 was discovered. These buildings house the exhibitions of the Giant Mountains Museum in Vrchlabí.

The Vrchlabí Château

The Vrchlabí Château is the dominant feature of the town. It was originally surrounded by the structure of a twelve-metre wide moat, which was crossed by three bridges leading to the château. Nowadays, the château houses the Municipal Authority and the Giant Mountains National Park Administration, but it is possible to visit the extensive naturally landscaped park. Christoph Gendorfer von Gendorf commenced the construction of the château in 1533 and the Italian Carlo Valmadi probably worked on its completion. The structure was completed in 1546. Visitors are only able to access the entrance hall, where it is possible to admire the pictures of the last bears hunted in the Giant Mountain. The most precious monument in the château is the Dutch stove with biblical motifs in the former so-called knights' hall. The current appearance of the château's park with its exotic tree species and artificial lakes dates from the second half of the century before last. Fuchs the landscaper transformed the garden into a nature park in the romantic style. He removed the moat, established a lake and expanded the park to its current size. A wooden suspension bridge leads from the château's park to the château tomb. There is a marked trail through the park.

The Augustinian monastery

The Augustinian monastery in Vrchlabí is a complex of baroque buildings which are protected as a cultural monument of the Czech Republic. The facility is located at no. 213 Husova Street and it currently (since 1966) houses the Giant Mountains Museum, which also owns the main building of the former monastery. The adjacent Church of Saint Augustine is owned by the town.